Aeras Networks announces the industry’s first E3 and Ethernet combo wireless broadband solution

New WaveLink 3400 series offers E3 34Mb/s throughput and advanced features to target global wireless applications

MONARCH BEACH, California –- February 24, 2004 –- Aeras Networks, a leading manufacturer of next generation license-free microwave radio systems for broadband applications, today announced a breakthrough in international wireless broadband solutions. The new WaveLink 3400 series is the industry’s first E3 and 10/100BASE-T combo license-free radio, and is specially designed to meet the needs of today’s international networks operators. The WaveLink 3400 series offers up to 34Mb/s data throughput over distances reaching up to 40 miles (64 Km).

“The WaveLink 3400 series launch is part of our overall thrust to tap into the growing international market for wireless bypass," said Bethe Strickland, CEO and Founder of Aeras Networks. “Our international customers now have a viable replacement for expensive leased E3 circuits.”

“We’re very excited about Aeras’ new WaveLink 3400 series,” said Efren Diaz Montenegro, President of Signacom, an Aeras partner based in Mexico. “We can now offer a significant price and performance advantage when competing with local wireline-based carriers.”

The WaveLink 3400 radios come in two versions: one operating in the license-free 5.8 GHz ISM band, and the other operating in the 5.3GHz UNNI band. The radios are easy to deploy, with convenient pole mounting brackets, and are optimized for all traditional voice, data and video services. Each WaveLink radio is an all-outdoor unit, providing flexible site installations across a wide range of operating temperatures. Aeras plans to release an all-indoor version of the WaveLink 3400 in Q2, 2004.

Product Description

The WaveLink 3400 provides broadband wireless links for data, voice, and video telecommunications applications. The radios are compliant with FCC (United States) Part 15.247 and operate in the license-free ISM Band from 5.725-5.825 GHz and FCC Part 15.407 in the license-free UNII Band from 5.250 – 5.350 GHz. Under these regulations, frequency coordination and regulatory approvals are not required for radio usage, allowing rapid deployment. Several international communications agencies have adopted the FCC 5 GHz UNII and ISM rules which the WaveLink 3400 has been designed to accommodate.

The radios are all outdoor units and house all the digital and RF equipment in a compact weatherproof enclosure, which normally is mounted near the antenna. The unit is fully controlled remotely via a web browser interface, an SNMP manager or an optional Java based network management tool.

The radios use a Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) radio transmission scheme to maximize symmetrical throughput over a 40 (64 km) mile distance. FDD achieves lower latency and higher duplex performance versus Time Division Duplexing (TDD) transmission schemes. Advanced modulation techniques allow network operators to co-locate up to 12 radios, increasing deployment flexibility. The radios are highly reliable, allowing Aeras’ to offer an industry-leading five year warranty.


As a leased line alternative, WaveLink radios are ideal for E3 access off of fiber optic rings, PCS and cellular backhaul. Competitive Local Exchange Carriers and Internet Service Providers can use Aeras radios to immediately establish point of presence and end-user connectivity. The WaveLink 3400 is also well suited to provide backhaul for Wi-Fi networks. Enterprise users can use WaveLink radios to establish line of sight WAN telecommunications links between facilities. Private network operators and government agencies can establish communication links with their clients on a temporary (e.g. emergency) or a permanent basis.


The WaveLink 3400 series is shipping today to a limited number of select customers. General availability is scheduled for the end of March.

About Aeras Networks

Aeras Networks supplies equipment to domestic and international communications service providers, telephone operating companies, and private network operators. Aeras’ WaveLink family of wireless radios provides state-of-the-art broadband connectivity solutions, utilizing the license-free radio frequency spectrum. WaveLink radios support a range of network topologies from simple point-to-point configurations to fully redundant ring and mesh networks. WaveLink radios provide reliable, guaranteed bandwidth rates that support a wide variety of broadband applications. The products meet "Carrier Class" reliability and performance requirements and can be deployed within hours to accommodate service demands.

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