Aeras Networks announces powerful new software release for WaveLink radios

Industry-leading features and functionality maintains Aeras' technology leadership in the fixed wireless marketplace

MONARCH BEACH, California — June 1, 2004 — Aeras Networks, a leading manufacturer of next-generation fixed wireless microwave radios, today announced the release of the most advanced software yet for its award-winning family of WaveLink wireless DS3/E3 and Ethernet combo radios. The release, entitled Revision 16, brings a host of new features and capabilities to the product line, maintaining Aeras' technology leadership in the fixed wireless broadband space.

The models which benefit from the new software are the WaveLink 4500 and WaveLink 3400 series. The new features include the addition of a third transmission channel as well as dramatic improvements to radio administration and performance. With the release of Revision 16, Aeras expects to further distance its products from competitive solutions.

"Release 16 is a major development in our product life cycle," said Bethe Strickland, President and CEO of Aeras Networks. "No other DS3/E3/Ethernet radio on the market can match these features, at any price."

"Every WaveLink 3400 and 4500 radio we're shipping is now preloaded with Release 16", said Nick Luesing, Executive Director of Customer Care at Aeras Networks. "Since each radio has a powerful built-in microprocessor and ftp server, field upgrades for deployed units will be very easy."

The new features of the software include the following:

  1. Three Channel Operation Increases Deployment Flexibility — A third channel has been added to give radio operators another channel option. With three distinct software selectable channel pairs, the WaveLink radios now have industry-leading frequency coordination. Using horizontal versus vertical polarization, and selecting between the 5.3 and 5.8 Ghz bands, users can now co-locate up to twelve Aeras WaveLink 3400 or 4500 family radios.

  2. Enhanced Access Levels Improve Radio Flexibility and Security — Aeras WaveLink 3400 and 4500 series radios now support three user access levels, for greater management flexibility and better security control:

  3. Ethernet Port Settings Offer Greater Control — It has become widely known that some network switches or NIC cards contain vendor-specific advanced features which cause auto-negotiation to fail. Because of the non-standard implementation, users must have the ability to control their auto-negotiation settings to promote interoperability. Aeras now allows users more control of the settings for one of the WaveLink Ethernet ports (Ethernet 1). Users can now select the following settings: Full Duplex or Half Duplex, 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps, or Auto Negotiate. The other Ethernet radio port (Ethernet 2) remains set to Auto Negotiate. This feature will allow users to set up the radio to better coordinate with the needs of other network devices.

  4. Improved Availability of Ethernet Statistics Improves Radio Management — The latest WaveLink software revision allows network engineers to view their radio Ethernet statistics. An Ethernet Statistics page has been added to the Monitor page, and the statistics can be reset using a handy button on the bottom of the page. These statistics are an important network maintenance tool.

  5. New Trial Version Setting Allows More Flexible Field Trials — Aeras WaveLink radios now offer a trial version setting. Users can take the radio out for a trial evaluation, and the radio features will only operate for a limited time. All other radio features are exactly as in the production models. At the end of the trial, if the user decides to purchase the radio, the software can be converted from trial version upon payment and by entering a valid license number. If the license number isn't entered by a predetermined time, the radio will no longer function.

  6. Improved User Access Control Simplifies Management — Aeras radio customers will now benefit from more flexible access control. Users can now manage the radios without being on the same subnet. Anyone with the proper user name and password can now access the radios.

  7. Enhanced Password Recovery Eliminates a Major Hassle of Radio Deployment — The latest radio software now adds a sophisticated password recovery tool. Users are no longer locked out if they forgot their username or password. Aeras' enhanced password recovery system creates a unique backdoor user name and password for each radio, using sophisticated cryptology algorithm which incorporates part of the serial number on each radio. Forgetting a password is no longer a catastrophic event.

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Aeras Networks supplies equipment to domestic and international communications service providers, telephone operating companies, and private network operators. Aeras' WaveLink family of wireless radios provides state-of-the-art broadband connectivity solutions, utilizing the license-free radio frequency spectrum. WaveLink radios support a range of network topologies from simple point-to-point configurations to fully redundant ring and mesh networks. WaveLink radios provide reliable, guaranteed bandwidth rates that support a wide variety of broadband applications. The products meet "Carrier Class" reliability and performance requirements and can be deployed within hours to accommodate service demands.

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