Aeras Networks announces powerful new T1/E1/Ethernet point-to-point wireless broadband radio systems

New TDM4Link radio systems simultaneously transport up to four DS1s and Ethernet traffic, up to 40 miles

Aeras TDM4Link family of wireless broadband radiosMONARCH BEACH, California — June 21, 2004 — Aeras Networks, a leading manufacturer of next generation license-free microwave radios for broadband applications, today introduced the TDM4Link wireless family, a series of radio systems designed to transport DS1 and Ethernet traffic up to forty miles. TDM4Link offers up to 45Mb/s data throughput, which can be allocated between up to 4 DS1 circuits, with the remaining bandwidth available for transporting the Ethernet data.

“TDM4Link is our most versatile radio family yet,” said Bethe Strickland, CEO and Founder of Aeras Networks. “Being able to deliver prioritized DS1 circuits and Ethernet applications with the same hardware gives operators a great deal of system flexibility.”

"One of the reasons we added Aeras' radios to our product portfolio is because of their versatility," said Norm Dumbroff, CEO of WAV, an Aeras distributor based in Illinois. "Being able to provide T1, E1 and Ethernet connectivity with one system is a big selling point for us. Many enterprises think of wireless as a point-to-point solution for data only. The Aeras product extends that definition and opens point-to-point wireless to many other applications, while maintaining it's effectiveness as a data transport mechanism."

Product Description

The TDM4Link systems consist of two components, a powerful outdoor radio and a sophisticated indoor, rack-mountable TDM processor:

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A single cable sends power and data to the outdoor radio from the access panel, simplifying installation and management. The two components can be placed up to 300 feet apart. Aeras plans to release an all-indoor version of the TDM4Link system before the end of 2004.

The TDM4Link systems support the triple play of broadband applications: data, voice, and video. As license-free devices, no frequency coordination or regulatory approvals are required for radio usage, allowing rapid deployment.

The radio components use a Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) radio transmission scheme to maximize throughput over a 40 mile distance. FDD achieves lower latency and higher duplex performance versus the more common TDM transmission scheme. Advanced modulation techniques allow network operators to co-locate up to 24 radios, increasing deployment flexibility. The radios are highly reliable, allowing Aeras to offer an industry-leading five year warranty.

The TDM4Link system comes in three base models:

Transmission rates can be easily stepped down by the network operators, to improve radio performance in difficult conditions. The lower rate models are field upgradeable to support the higher bandwidths, making the TDM4Link systems very scalable.


As a leased line alternative, TDM4Link systems are ideal for cellular backhaul and PCS traffic. Competitive Local Exchange Carriers and Internet Service Providers can use Aeras radios to immediately establish point of presence and end-user connectivity. Enterprise users can use TDM4Link systems to establish line of sight WAN and/or PBX telecommunications links between facilities, and connect remote LAN segments with the residual Ethernet bandwidth. Private network operators and government agencies can establish communication links with their clients on a temporary (e.g. emergency) or a permanent basis.

Pricing and Availability

List prices for the TDM4Link systems start at $15,000 per link. A limited number of Beta trials are being launched, and general availability is scheduled for September 2004.

About Aeras Networks

Aeras Networks supplies equipment to domestic and international communications service providers, telephone operating companies, and private network operators. Aeras’ families of next generation radios provide state-of-the-art broadband connectivity solutions, utilizing the license-free radio frequency spectrum. The radios offer line of site connectivity, and are available in a variety of indoor and outdoor configurations, for extra flexibility. The radios support a range of network topologies from simple point-to-point configurations to fully redundant ring and mesh networks. The radios provide reliable, guaranteed bandwidth rates that support a wide variety of broadband applications. The products meet "Carrier Class" reliability and performance requirements and can be deployed within hours to accommodate service demands.

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