A pole-mounted Aeras WaveLink unit shown with the external antenna option.


Cellular Backhaul

Wireline solutions can be expensive to deploy and maintain, particularly in rural areas where cell towers can be far apart. Wireless solutions from Aeras offer a "double play" — bringing the benefit of lower operating expenses and faster deployment, yielding maximum profitability.

Distance Learning

The prohibitive cost of fiber led a large Midwestern school district to search for lower-cost ways to add new schools to its fiber optic ring network. An Aeras wireless solution resulted in high performance and low deployment costs.

Extending the Service Footprint

A powerful solution using Aeras' WaveLink 4500 enabled a large service provider to pull high speed DS-3 circuits off of existing fiber rings, without filing for complicated construction permits or requiring any major new construction.

Leased Line Replacement

With leased line DS3s starting at $1,500/month, and T-1s costing upwards of $250/month, there's a strong incentive for customers to convert to fixed wireless. There's a very rapid return on investment, with break-even times of six months or less!