Aeras Cellular Backhaul

Wireless solutions from Aeras Networks are a reliable, low cost method of deploying powerful, redundant cellular backhaul solutions. Wireline solutions can be expensive to deploy and maintain, particularly in rural areas where cell towers can be far apart. Wireless solutions from Aeras offer a "double play" — bringing the benefit of lower operating expenses and faster deployment, yielding maximum profitability.

Individual cell sites are typically backhauled and aggregated using expensive T1 or E1 connections. These leased lines connect base transceiver stations to base station controllers, from which the traffic is aggregated to a central office/switching center using larger circuits such as DS3s. See figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Traditional Wireline Cellular Backhaul


A cellular carrier approached Aeras to discuss replacing their existing wireline infrastructure in order to lower operating expenses. Aeras visited the area, and after doing a site survey, recommended a complete end-to-end WaveLink wireless network consisting of both T1 and DS3 links. Since Aeras radios provide a large number of channels due to robust modulation techniques, the provider was able to deploy mutliple radio links at each tower, creating a redundant backhaul network, and converting completely to wireless. See figure 2 below.

Figure 2. Aeras Networks Wireless Cellular Backhaul