Aeras Solution: Distance Learning

As broadband services become more and more commonplace, customers are launching advanced applications to take advantage of the higher speeds. Distance learning is one area that has recently seen a major growth in popularity. With this broadband application, school systems can broadcast video lecture feeds to other schools within their district, saving education costs and providing a better education experience for students. As more and more schools participate, they are looking at lower cost ways to join the network. Wireless solutions are popular because of the high performance, and the low cost required to deploy a system, particularly over large rural distances.

An Aeras partner was approached by a large midwest school system that was using an existing fiber optic ring to connect many of its members. The prohibitive cost of fiber led the district to search for lower-cost ways to add new schools to the network. The Aeras partner immediately proposed an Aeras wireless solution, incorporating Aeras' WaveLink 4500 DS3 radios into the existing fiber optic ring. Initial trials are going smoothly, and additional schools are expressing interest in being added to the network.