Aeras Leased Line Replacement Solution

Aeras radios are an ideal alternative to wireline broadband services. With wireless, enterprise customers will enjoy a very compelling value proposition. Choosing Aeras radios over a wire-based solution leads to shorter installation times, lower costs and higher performance, for maximum profitability.

With leased line DS3s starting at $1,500/month, and T-1s costing upwards of $250/month, there is a very strong incentive for customers to convert to fixed wireless. There is a very rapid return on investment, with break-even times of six months or less!

An Aeras partner found this out when approached by an enterprise customer who wanted to reduce the high monthly fees they were paying to connect two local facilities with a DS3 connection. The customer, a prepaid calling card manufacturer, was paying $2,500 per month for the service, and the Aeras partner immediately recommended an Aeras WaveLink 4500 DS3 radio solution. The system was ordered and installed in less than two weeks, and the customer will break-even on the investment in less than four months.

Aeras Enterprise Backhaul Solution